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Posted 3 years ago

NADIA ALI IS SO AWESOMEEEEEE. miss the days of iio. epic track tho. uplifting trance + house. great blend of sounds. 



Posted 3 years ago

Orjan Nilsen - So Long Radio

ok so basic i havent been into trance all that much since about a year ago. but tryina get back into it. ran into this one last night. this is a great track.

Posted 3 years ago


Be and flow, let it go
Why don’t we wait ‘till the morning light
Fear and flow, let it go
I don’t wanna fall in love tonight

Smith & Pledger pres. Aspekt ft. Carrie Skipper - Hijack (Vocal Mix)

this is some pretty chill trance :D

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Posted 3 years ago


Mark Sixma ft. Dee-On - Walking Away (Relocate vs Dazzle mix)

i was just thinkin to myself. i need me some good trance. :)

Posted 3 years ago

Tiesto - Love Comes Again ft. BT

Had to. This one is a classic in my book. You don’t get hits like this anymore from either of these heavyweights. BT’s performance on the track is great and the production is a hell of a party starter. too bad this is the short version. haha. 

Posted 3 years ago

Coca & Villa - La Noche

still studying. now listenin to one of my fav mixes ever. Tiesto’s “In Search of Sunrise 4: Latin America” Disc 1. its soooooooooo good. and this is one of the songs that proves it. the guitar on this track just puts me in such a great mood. relaxes you and takes you places. perfect song for just cruisin on a summer night. bah too bad its winter. lol.

Posted 4 years ago

More Lissie.

so after yesterdays post which featured “the longest road” by morgan page and lissie, i was so struck by her vocal performance on the track that i went and started browsing more of her stuff. i’ve spent the last hour or so just listening to her music. and wow. she is really really talented. her voice has such presence. its amazing. just a warning tho. this will probably be a long post cuz she has so much great music. but here are some that i thought were noteworthy. 

this song reminds me of something but i just can’t remember what it is. let me know if anything comes to mind. haha. anyway this is the first single off her debut album and a very good song to be honest. love the underlying energy of the track. her delivery is amazing and its not often you find soul like that in vocals these days. also can I just point out their drummer/bassist/backing vocalist, lewis keller. seriously that is amazing that he can just pull all 3 at the same time like its nothing. i do kinda wish though they had a real drummer on this because i was expecting it to pick up with an intense energy. but the understated drums still drive it nicely and give the instrumentation a bit more of a reserved tone which lissie’s vocals quickly overcome. haha. other notable tracks: when i’m alone, little lovin (this one has more audible country influences and i still like it which says a lot considering im not much of a fan of country in general :P)

heres a cover by lissie and her band. this one of course being a cover of “nothing ever matters” by metallica. i cant imagine this song being an easy one to cover but they pull it off quite nicely. the instrumentation is a bit toned down and simplified but for me at least it gives a nice dream-like quality that overall makes the song stay with you. the vocals though are so on point. almost haunting at times, it sets the perfect tone for their rendition of this song. other notable covers: “stairway to heaven” - led zeppelin (didn’t post because the instrumentation is lacking imo but her vocals are great on it), “pursuit of happiness” - kid cudi (pretty close to the original but interesting to see her do it)

a little bonus for you guys. morgan page and lissie again with “Fight for You” but this time remixed by slovenian producer Beltek. 

the original is off of Morgan Page’s latest, Believe, which features lissie on 3 tracks. much like the longest road, this captures lissie’s energy really well and the production on it is superb. heavy progressive influences, also feels a bit more like trance than house. really great track. other notable tracks: morgan page - strange condition ft. lissie (inpetto vocal remix)

sorry for the long post…but hope yall enjoy haha. :D

Posted 4 years ago

Armin van Burren - Drowning ft. Laura V

somehow i missed this one on my first run through of Mirage. great great great song. a definite departure from what I tend to hear from AvB but i dont mean that in a bad way at all. rather than the trancey feel you’d expect this takes a much housey-er (yea im just makin words up now :D) approach. my biggest problem with this track is that its too short. another minute or so on this and it’d be perfect. granted theres nothing wrong with short and sweet but this progression feels a little rushed. AvB’s production on this has great energy that will easy have you dancing and Laura V’s vocals on top just drive it even further. enjoy.

Posted 4 years ago

First Electronic Post

The other music I’m obsessed with. haha. Recently I’ve fallen completely in love with electro, dubstep and all that stuff but always also been a huge fan of trance, house, dance, etc. Basically anything electronic. haha. Anyway here are two songs that I’ve REALLY been feeling recently. 

Got this one over at . This track actually blew my mind. Love the old school house vibe and even the little throwback snuck in. hehe. Original is great too so if you haven’t heard it def check it out but the style of this track is what gets me (huge fan of late 80’s/90’s dance and house, I mean thanks to my mom I grew up on it so gotta have mad love for it). Vocals work so well, great energy that just makes you wanna dance.

Always been a fan of AvB but one thing that gets to me about him is that after awhile a lot of his stuff starts sounding similar. Not to hate on trance or anything cuz I do love it, but sometimes it just starts to sound too formulaic and whatnot which is why house these days has really caught my attention with all the different styles and everything. Anyway, this track really caught my attention well because Christian Burns does amazing vocals. First heard him back on Tiesto’s “Elements of Life” with the track “In The Dark”. AvB’s production on this is great he does something a little bit different than his usual trance with the breakbeat but even then you hear the trance influences come through. Overall great execution, great progression def worth a listen (or ten :D).